Let's turn your story into a book!

Get Instant Authority and Credibility
Book Ghostwriting, Branding and Marketing
Turn your followers into raving fans!

People will assume you are the expert because, you have a book!

Using our proprietary software, your book will be created to go viral on social media.

Only requires a few hours of your time, we take care of the rest!

Publishing, Printing, Distributing, Reviews, Press Releases, Social Media, Landing Pages, Social Media Posts are available with our concierge service.

Risk Free!  If you don't like the first chapter, you will receive a 100% refund.

Pays for Itself

Replace your business card with your own book!  You will be seen as an instant authority and the book will stay long after business cards are tossed in the trash.

Made for Social Media

Our Unique Software was built to share on social media.  Using the content we create, we can schedule posts on your Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+ Profiles.

Only HERE!

Our patent award winning team has been creating website marketing and promotion software for 20 years.  The book creation software is the result of combining engaging human content with text to get you to the top of Google's search engine.

The Process

  1. You pick the book style based on your budget.  We can use industry standard content to reduce your cost or we can create a high-quality book based on your expertise in the field for high value.
  2. The Interview! This is our clients' favorite part. We will chat with you by phone or Skype for 1 to 2 hours to get to know you, find your goals for publishing the book, and understand the "voice" you want for your book.  Our job is to turn your story into a book that will compliment your business.
  3. First Chapter - We will create the first chapter of the book within 3 business days so you will better understand our process and get a feel of how the book will look when finished.  If you aren't happy, we aren't happy!  Maybe creating a book isn't for you?  Maybe our ghostwriters don't understand your tone.  No worries.  If we can't fix it, we will offer you a full refund so there is no risk to you.
  4. Ghostwriter Frenzy!  Our ghostwriter will use your interview as inspiration to complete your book in 7 to 10 business days.  Using our special software, the content is not only made print-ready, but also formatted for social media and website sharing.
  5. Final Revisions - You are given a chance to review the book before it is published.  We will revise the book until you are happy!
  6. Publishing - We recommend publishing electronically on Amazon Kindle and Amazon for Printing on Demand.
  7. Press Release - We offer press releases to the major television, magazines and radio stations for the release of your book.  This not only helps to get the word out, but also you can advertise that you were mentioned on CBS, ABC, NBC etc. for even more authority.
  8. Social Media - We can schedule content from your book to be shared on social media to keep your profiles active.
  9. Landing Pages - We can customize landing pages to help your book get shared, retweeted and reposted.  Best of all, there is a call to action if they want to hire you.

Our Brands

About the President - Aaron Jay Lev

Aaron Jay Lev is passionate about creating unique, engaging and viral content on the internet.  His stand up comedy and writing style is clean, cerebral and connects with people on a personal level. As the founder of "3rd Generation Books", he has proven himself as a leader in the ghostwriting world.

Aaron started his career as a College and High School, Math and Computer Science teacher and had a amazing mentor that taught him how to "work the classroom" to keep the class engaged, challenged and to learn.  

Using the same public speaking techniques he learned in the classroom, Aaron is able to educate a crowd on technical subjects using jokes, sound effects and analogies to make even the most ordinary technical subject sound extraordinary.

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Our Certifications

With 20 years of experience and heroic dedication to continuing education, we can shortcut your learning curve and get you the results you desire FASTER.


Reasons to have a book

1. It's really cool, and you can start calling yourself a "Published Author". Most people consider writing a book (86%), but only "action takers" take the steps needed to make it happen (3%).

2. It provides an opportunity to establish your authority. Would you trust a personal trainer with a very fancy business card or someone that hands you a book titled, "Ensure Your Success"?

3. Make yourself stand out! If you are in a highly competitive profession, people may have a hard time differentiating one person compared to the next. I would bet that very few people have a book credit!

4. Books are sacred. When it comes time for the buyer to make a decision, they may have tossed a handful of cards, but your book may be sitting on their shelf as a reminder.

5. You will make more money! Your existing customers may discover other services that you offer! You may even make a few dollars off selling your book in addition to getting more clients!

6. Take your local business worldwide! If you are a personal trainer, you have a very limited number of people that could work with you in person. By having a book, you can sell your book to anyone in the world!

7. People like working with people they know. By connecting with your book, they will spend some time getting to know you and your business and feel more connected with you.

8. You will get more referrals. This is related to #2 since people like to give good referrals to their friends.

I know a guy that can help you.
Is he any good?
He must be, he has a book!

9. It's great marketing for your business! If you consider the time and costs involved, it will make a big impact for a nominal marketing fee for most businesses and entrepreneurs. You can even use parts of the book to create engaging and powerful social media posts.

Imagine what would happen if instead of handing out business cards, you handed out a signed copy of your book to potential customers and clients! Trust me, it will make you an instant star with credibility and authority.

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